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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turn Your Cellphone Into a Money-Making Gadget! While Enjoying a Lifetime Personal Discount on All Your Load Expenses for Only Php 3988!!!

Attention: Extra Income Seekers, Employees, Self-Employed, Under-Employed, Overseas Filipino Workers, Housewives, Working Students, Sales Agents, Marketing Professionals, This is a Once in a Lifetime Business/Income Opportunity
You Surely Wouldn't Want To Miss...!!!

"How To Turn Your Cellphones Into a Money-Making Gadget That Will Give You a
Maximum Income Potential of Php 30,000 Per Day...!!!"

What is an Ideal Business for Everyone?
- Requires No High Education
- Markets products or services that a lot of people NEED and WANT.
- Offers equal amount of opportunity.
- Provides leverage on PEOPLE and MONEY.

Why Choose Prepaid Loading Business? Why Not Choose Beauty and Wellness or Food Cart Franchising Business?

- Subscriber Forecast: 69.8 million in 2010
- More than 95% of the mobile phone subscribers are prepaid.
- We sent 800 million to 1 billion ‘text’ (SMS) messages daily: Texting Capital of the World
- The wireless telephony penetration is expected to reach 74.1% of the population in 2010.
- The average operator-wide ARPU in the Philippines is forecasted to be at US$5.47 (approximately PhP246) per user.
- Expected average annual growth of 12%.

Introducing Our Company: VMobile Technologies, Inc.

At a Glance:
- Established April 29, 2008
- Subsidiary of PentaCapital Management Corp.
- Acquired LoadXtreme’s proprietary technology and platform for mobile micro-business: Proven technology for 5 years

Who is PentaCapital Capital Management Corp.?

- Affiliate company of PentaCapital Investment Corporation.
- PentaCapital Investment Corporation
  > PentaCapital caters to clients in real estate development, leisure and tourism, mineral resources development, transportation, water resources and infrastructure.
  > Has a license to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services.
- Recent and Relevant Track  Record  > US$900M -- MRT3 BLT Project (1995)
  > US$1.76B -- MRT3 ABS Notes Origination (2002)
  > PhP1.6B -- STRADCOM Asset-Backed Bonds (2007)
  > PhP2.0B -- SIHI Combined Equity and Debt Structured Facility (2008)
  > US$1.3B -- MRT-7  BGTOM Project (2009)

 PentaCapital's Clients: Just some of the BIG NAMES in the industry that borrow money from PentaCapital.
* PentaCapital's Clients: Just some of the BIG NAMES in the industry that borrow money from PentaCapital.

Company Background

VMobile Technologies, Inc. (VMobile) was established in April 2008 and has since acquired the LoadXtreme business platform. LoadXtreme is the pioneer in unified electronic distribution for prepaid top-up products and services. Its proprietary platform was incepted in June 2003 and was dubbed Universal Prepaid Loading System or UPLoads.

Today, LoadXtreme remains to offer wide range prepaid products and Service from different merchants and service providers thru channels of independent agents using mobile phones and computers connected to the internet as primary tools in processing customer orders and retail transactions.

The stability of VMobile's LoadXtreme distribution model is guaranteed as deposits collected from Agents (Dealers and Retailers) for LoadWallet replenishments are placed in a segregated bank account that is monitored and managed by PentaCapital Management Corporation.

PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects, real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects. PentaCapital received its license from BSP in 2006 to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services.

Why VMobile Adopted LoadXtreme?

- Intrinsic Values and Uniqueness
  > Resiliency
  > Diskarte
  > Technology Savvy
- Empowerment Thru Technology
- “Diskarteng Asensado, Diskarteng LoadXtreme.”

Why VMobile LoadXtreme?

- 5 Reasons to Consider VMobile LoadXtreme
  > Timing
  > Products
  > Leveraging Platforms
  > Affordability
  > Ability to Help Other People

About the Technology: LoadXtreme

is the pioneer in innovative prepaid products distribution and marketing. This program utilizes the propietary technology established in June 2003 known as Universal Prepaid Loading System or UPLoadS. This proven platform offers 24x7 access to multi-brand prepaid products and services nationwide and fulfill orders for prepaid top-up.

LoadXtreme also revolutionizes electronic Over-The-Air (OTA) reloading for prepaid wireless services by providing a unified fully-automated electronic load value dispensing facility for Smart Buddy e-Load, Globe AutoloadMax and SUN XpressLoad. With LoadXtreme, you can retails all brands of electronic top-up loads using any mobile phone without the need to use different retailer SIMs!

LoadXtreme is also proud to introduce AXS Card as the first and latest innovation in its growing list of products. AXS Card is a stored-value card offering fast ang convenient fare payment and access to MetroStar Rail Transit (MRT) and PASIG FERRY rides. AXS Card is reloadable thru LoadXtreme Dealers and Retailers.

VMobile LoadXtreme is the future Electronic Prepaid Loading!

Innovative Features:

- Guaranteed Fast Transactions:
 VMobile LoadXtreme have its OWN DATA CENTER and the SERVERS are POWERED by AMERICAN POWERED CORPORATION (APC-IBM) and can cover Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and even the entire ASIA-PACIFIC.

- Simple SMS Commands: Just type in LX LOAD then send to an assigned gateway.

- AFFORDABLE Start-Up Capital (As Low as Php 3988, you are already a Dealer): Can be offered for Personal Use or Business.

- Virtual Prepaid Cards Inventory (Earth-Friendly): No Physical Inventories

- More Than 280 Prepaid/Load Products and Services: One LoadWallet to maintain to sell all prepaid products.

- No need for Dealer/Retailer SIM Card and Extra Cellphones: Use your OWN SIM and Mobile Phone in this business, not compared to traditional loading station that you need to buy 3 separate Retailer SIM Cards (for the 3 Networks, ie., Smart, Globe & Sun), plus 3 Cellphones and maintain 3 Load Wallets.

- NO SALES QUOTA: If you are a Dealer of Smart, you need to maintain a monthly quota sales of Php 600K a month, while for Globe, Php 1M per month.

- Web Tools and Web Reports: In the traditional Loading Business, for you to have an inventory, you need to write down everything in a NOTEBOOK all your sales for the day, but with VMobile LoadXtreme, all transactions are automatically recorded by the Vmobile System to your Online Account (Online Business Center).

- Online Loading (for Local and International Operation): You are in Starbucks, you have your Laptop, some friends texted you and wants to buy a load, you can send his/her load via Internet. Because of its Online Loading feature, you can sell loads to OFWs with Philippine SIM Card to call their families here.

- SMS-Triggered Bank Auto-Debit for Convenient e-Wallet Replenishment: No need to go the bank or office to replenish your Loadwallet. Very convenient.

- Instantly Register Other Retailers via SMS: In the Traditional Loading Business, you cannot refer another retailer, it will just become your competitor besides that you will not receive any referral fee.

- World’s First Over-The-Air (OTA) Realoding of RFID Card (AXS Card) for MRT Electronic Stored-Value Card: The Owner of VMobile Technologies Inc., PentaCapital Management Corporation, knowns as the leading independent investment house in the Philippines is the one who funded the construction of MRT Projects, thus wining the bid to be the exclusive reloader of AXS Card.

- Exclusive E-Load Supplier for the Prepaid KURYENTE (Meralco): VMobile has a key account with Smart Communications, Inc., who was given the exclusive rights by Meralco to handle the distribution of Load Credits for their Electric Prepaid Subscriber which will soon be implemented. And of course, Smart have partner with VMobile in utilizing our technology on prepaid distribution.

What Are the Prepaid Products that You Can SELL Using Your Current SIM CARD and PHONE:
1. All Prepaid Cellphone Loads (Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, Talk n' Text, Red)
2. Prepaid Online Game Loads (Level Up Games, Lineage II, Mobius Online, E-games, Special Forces, Skyblade, Pirate King, etc)
3. Prepaid Internet Load (Blast, Click, Frequency, Go!, ISP Bonanza, Surfmaxx, Pldt Vibe)4. Prepaid Broadband Load (Smart Bro)
5. Prepaid Sattelite/Cable TV (Sky Cable, Dream, Smart Link, Telebabad VOIP, Net Vision etc.)
6. Prepaid Landline Load (PLDT,Bayan Wireless, Bayantel, Dgmax, Globelines)
6. Prepaid Tutorial/Review Cards (Carl Balita, Computer Assisted Learning, Prime Logic, etc.)
7. LBC Padala Products (Cakes, Flowers etc.)
8. Others (Digijooze, There Phil. Groovenet)
9. MRT AXS Card **New**
10. Prepaid Kuryente (Meralco) ***Soon***

Franchise Packages / Business Options

A. Fast Track Package (Dealership) - Php 3,988

Package Includes:
1. 1 Dealer Card (Dealer ID No.)
2. 20 Retailer Activation Cards
3. 20 Business Quick Guides (for SMS Loading Syntax/Commands)
4. 20 Price List (for Product Codes)
5. 3 Product Guides (Comprehensive List of Products, Prices and Codes)
6. 3 Smart SIM Packs
7. 2 "LOAD NA DITO" Tarpaulins (Banner)
8. 1 LoadXtreme Green Re-usable Bag

B. 3D Fast Track Package (Dealership) - Php 11,964

Package Includes:

1. 3 Dealer Card (3 Dealer ID Nos.): 3 Accounts under your name.
2. 80 Retailer Activation Cards (60 Regular Cards plus 20 Cards more)
3. 60 Business Quick Guides (for SMS Loading Syntax/Commands)
4. 60 Price List (for Product Codes)
5. 9 Product Guides (Comprehensive List of Products, Prices and Codes)
6. 9 Smart SIM Packs
7. 6 "LOAD NA DITO" Tarpaulins (Banner)
8. 3 LoadXtreme Green Re-usable Bags

How to Earn as a Dealer / Franchiser?

A. Buy and Sell of Loads/Prepaid Products

1. Selling of Products.
More than 280 Prepaid Products to offer and earn 10% - 14% each sale.

Sample Scenario:

You Sell Php 1,000 Load / Day:
1,000 x 30 days = 30,000 x 10% = P3,000 / Month (Not bad for an extra income. Not time consuming, no physical exertions. You are just texting, or using your laptop to sell loads)

2. Sell your Access Cards Cards for Php 250-300 each:

Fast Track Package:
20 Retailer Cards x Php 300 = Php 6,000 <--- Fast R.O.I. and 50% Profit (for an Investment of Php 3,988)

3D Fast Track Package: 80 Retailer Cards x Php 300 = Php 24,000 <--- Fast R.O.I. and 100% Profit (for an Investment of Php 11,964, it got doubled)

3. Access Cards Override (A.C.O.) - Earn 1% - 2 % from the Sales/Transactions of your Access Card Holders.

Fast Track Package:
You have 20 Access Card Holders that each of them Sells Php 1,000 Loads per Day
20 x 1000 = 20,000 x 30 days = 600,000 x 1% = P6,000 / Month (It's not you that do the selling, but your Retailers. No physical effort, passive income.)

3D Fast Track Package:
You have 80 Access Card Holders that each of them Sells Php 1,000 Loads per Day
80 x 1000 = 80,000 x 30 days = 2,400,000 x 1% = P24,000 / Month (What if you have 100 Retailers? Or 1,000? Now, you do the Math!)

B. Franchise Partnership Program (Referral/Endorsement) - Refer your Friends, Relatives and Neighbors or someone you know who wants to have an Life DISCOUNT on LOADS. Or if you have the Marketing skills, sell the Dealership as Sales Agents do, and earn commission for every closed sale.

1. Direct Sales Incentive: Sell Dealership/Franchise as many as you can, no limits.

Fast Track Package: Php 500

Example Scenario:
If in 1 month, you are able to sell 10 Fast Track Packages, that is Php 500 each, you will earn: Php 5,000. That's additional to your E-Loading Profits.

2. Division of Sales Force Bonus or Team Royalty Bonus

As a Dealer/Franchiser of VMobile LoadXtreme, you will have a Dealer ID Number, and when you refer another Dealer, its Dealer ID Number will be connected or placed to you as either on your Team A or Team B of your Sales Force. As a Company Policy, your DEALER ID Number is only allowed to be connected with just 2 more Dealer ID Numbers. Considering you sold Dealerships to your Friend A and Friend B, you can now connect the Dealer ID No. of Friend A, to your Team A Sales Force and the Dealer ID No. of your Friend B, to your Team B Sales Force.

Illustration A:

As Direct Referral Bonus: You already earn Php 1,000 (because of the Friend A and Friend B, Php 500 each)

Because there is a Match/Pair of Dealers found on your Team A and Team B, you can receive another Php 500.

Your Total Referral Bonus plus Team Royalty Bonus: Php 1,500

Another Scenario:

What if, you sold another Dealership, so that is another Php 500 as Direct Referral Bonus. Because your Team A and Team B Sales Force is already occupied, with your Friend A and Friend B, there is no other slot where you can place your new Referral but to the either Team A or Team B of your Friend A or Friend B. Considering that the new Referral is your Friend C, then for example, you placed its Dealer ID No. on the Team A Sales Force of your Friend A. And another friend also buys Dealership from you, Friend D. To enjoy/earn the Team Royalty Bonus, you will not place Friend D on the Team B Sales Force of your Friend A, but to the either Team A or Team B Sales Force of your Friend B. And for example, you place its Dealer ID No. to the Team B Sales Force of Friend B. See the Illustration:

Illustration B:

And because, the System, detected a Dealerhip sold to your Team A and another Dealership sold on your Team B, that is a match/pair, that is another Php 500, aside from Php 500 each you received as Direct Referral Bonus for Friend C and Friend D.

What if your Friend A, sold Dealership to his Brother, he gets Php 500 for that as his Direct Referral Incentive, and because, his Team A Sales Force is already filled up with Friend C, he can just place his Brother to the Team B Sales Force. And your Friend B also referred her Sister, she gets Php 500 as her Direct Referral Incentive, and because her Team B Sales Force is already occupied by Friend D, she can only place her Sister to her Team A Sales Force. See Illustration:

Illustration C:

Let's Compute the Earnings:
YOU: 4 Referrals (Friends A, B, C and D) x Php 500 = Php 2,000 PLUS 3 Pairs/Match (Friend A/B, Friend C/D and Bro/Sis) x Php 500 = Php 1,500

Your Total Earnings: Php 3,500

1 Direct Referral (Brother) x Php 500 = Php 500 PLUS 1 Pair/Match x Php 500 = Php 500

Total Earnings: Php 1,000

1 Direct Referral (Sister) x Php 500 PLUS 1 Pair/Match x Php 500 = Php 1,000

Total Earnings: Php 1,000

What if You, Friend A, B, C, D, Brother and Sister, continuously sell Dealerships? And all the Dealers that you and they referred also got interested on selling Dealerships too? Now, again, you do the Math. Even if you stop from doing anything. Perhaps, you just go to Boracay and have a vacation for a year, you cannot just say to all your Dealers to stop from selling Dealerships anymore, because they are enjoying the Referral Bonus and Team Sales Bonus. All your Sales Force will be multipliying by itself because of the Dealers referring Dealers. These can go on and on...

Imagine you are already on a vacation, but because of the Team Sales Bonus, and even if you do not have Direct Referrals anymore, you are still earning Php 500 of every Pair of Dealers found in your Team A and Team B Sales Force. These can go on and on and on...

But wait, as another Company Policy, it is okay to sell dealership to anyone and earn Php 500 as Referral Bonus and another Php 500 for the Team Royalty Bonus, but to sustain the stability of the company's financial resources, the VMobile had set a SAFETY NET. Just like in an ATM Machine, each bank has its own maximum withdrawal limit per day (i.e. Php20K or Php30K per day). Even if you have Php1M in your account, you can't just withdraw it thru an ATM for just one day. Also, the Safety Net ensures equal income opportunity for all Franchisers / Dealers. So this is not a First-Come-First-To-Get-Rich scheme. Because even if you are the first one to do the business, and already reached your limit, the 2nd, 3rd or even the last level of your network work out to reach the same limit as yours.

The potential MAXIMUM INCOME that a Dealer/ Franchiser can earn will be limited only to Php 30,000 per Day, or 60 Pairs Per Day (Team Royalty Bonus of Php 500 each). Any amount above Php 30,000 will stay to the company.

You might want to argue if this Income Projections is attainable, the company conducted a Feasibility Study that is set to a Worst-Case Scenario.

Example Scenario:

1. You just STARTED NOW.
2. You just ENDORSED FAST TRACK PACKAGE to 2 People in 1 Month. And you just stop, after that. No more endorsements happen afterwards.
3. Your Misfortune, Bad Luck, Laziness or whatever you may call it were passed to All of Your Sales Force. Meaning, they also just ENDORSED FAST TRACK PACKAGE to 2 People in 1 Month. And they just stop, after that. No more endorsements happen afterwards. Very same fate as yours.

Now see what will happen.

Image 01.

On the Image 01, take note on your Income for the Month of November, Php 512,000, this was derived from 1,024 pairs of Dealers from Team A and Team B x Php 500 each as Team Royalty Bonus. Because you are Saving your Income from January, in November, your Total Money in your Account is already Php 1,025,000.

Still on the same Image 01, take note that your income for the Month of December should be doubled from Php 512,000, it should now become Php 1,024,000, but because of the Company Policy of Safety Net, you will only received Php 900,000.

Image 02.

Now let's go to the next Image 02, imagine your Income for just 1 year. It is at Php 1.9 Million already, with 4,095 pairs from your Team A and Team B.

Image 03.

Because our projection is for 2 years, then let's proceed. Because for the next year, your income is probably above Php 900,000 and so that will be your monthly income for the next 12 months. Please refer to the Image 03.


900,000 x 12 Months = Php 10.8 Million

plus your last year's Savings of Php 1.9 Million.


Please take note that above income projection is for 1 Dealer Account only. What if you have a 3D Fast Track (3 Accounts)?

Php 12.7 Million x 3 Accounts = Php 38,100,000.

What about availing our 7D Fast Track Package (7 Dealership Accounts)?

Now, it's you, to do the Math!

For Dealership Orientation, you may refer below for the schedule:


Mondays: 4PM; 5:30PM
Tuesdays: 4PM; 6PM
Wednesdays: 4PM
Thursdays: 4PM; 6PM
Fridays: 4PM; 5:30PM
Saturdays: 4PM; 6PM

For Inquiries/Appointments:

Arkin Sebastian Castro II
VMobile Technologies Inc.
LoadXtreme Franchising Consultant
Mobile: 0926-6402229
Landline: 8285164

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