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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Looking for Part Time Sales Agents/Marketing Staff. Offered Salary Php300-Php600 Per Day.

Looking for Part Time Sales Agents/Marketing Staff. Offered Salary Php300-Php600 Per Day. Great Extra Income Opportunity for Students, Employees / Self-Employed / Unemployed / Underemployed.
Our Product is Good. No Hard-Selling Needed.

A VMobile LoadXtreme Franchiser is looking for a Personal Sale Agent/s that will work for him on a part time basis only.


1. Male or Female, At Least 16 Years Old and Above.
2. With or Without Selling Experience (But Having an Experience is an Advantage).
3. Students/Employees/Unemployed that Needs Extra Income are Welcome to Apply.
4. Can Work Homebased (Internet Selling/Cold Calling) or House-To-House Or Whatever Strategy That Will Work for You.
5. Resume/Biodata and a Valid ID.
6. Must Be Trustworthy, Honest.

Product To Sell:

Retailer Activation Cards/Accounts (Electronic Prepaid Loading outlet/Station Retailership Package)
Each Card/Accounts is sold Php 300 each.

Package Includes:

1. Retailer Activation Card (Retailer ID No.)
2. 1 Business Quick Guides (for SMS Loading Syntax/Commands)
3. 1 Price List (for Product Codes)
4. Retailer Affiliate Program Brochure

As an Electronic Prepaid Loading Retailership Business, these are the Prepaid Products that a Retailer Can SELL Using HIS/HER Current SIM CARD and PHONE:

1. All Prepaid Cellphone Loads (Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, Talk n' Text, Red)
2. Prepaid Online Game Loads (Level Up Games, Lineage II, Mobius Online, E-games, Special Forces, Skyblade, Pirate King, etc)
3. Prepaid Internet Load (Blast, Click, Frequency, Go!, ISP Bonanza, Surfmaxx, Pldt Vibe)
4. Prepaid Broadband Load (Smart Bro)
5. Prepaid Sattelite/Cable TV (Sky Cable, Dream, Smart Link, Telebabad VOIP, Net Vision etc.)
6. Prepaid Landline Load (PLDT,Bayan Wireless, Bayantel, Dgmax, Globelines)
7. Prepaid Tutorial/Review Cards (Carl Balita, Computer Assisted Learning, Prime Logic, etc.)
8. LBC Padala Products (Cakes, Flowers etc.)
9. Others (Digijooze, There Phil. Groovenet)
10. MRT AXS Card **New**
11. Prepaid KURYENTE (Meralco) **Soon**

Innovative Features That You Can Assure Your Target Clients To Enjoy:

- Guaranteed Fast Transactions: VMobile LoadXtreme have its OWN DATA CENTER and the SERVERS are POWERED by AMERICAN POWERED CORPORATION (APC-IBM) and can cover Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and even the entire ASIA-PACIFIC.

- Simple SMS Commands: Just type in LX LOAD <Dealer/Retailer ID No.> <PIK> <Product Code> <Customer Mobile No.> then send to an assigned gateway.

- AFFORDABLE Start-Up Capital (As Low as Php 300): Can be offered for Personal Use or Business.

- Virtual Prepaid Cards Inventory (Earth-Friendly): No Physical Inventories

- More Than 280 Prepaid/Load Products and Services: One LoadWallet to maintain to sell all prepaid products.

- No need for Dealer/Retailer SIM Card and Extra Cellphones: Use your OWN SIM and Mobile Phone in this business, not compared to traditional loading station that you need to buy 3 separate Retailer SIM Cards (for the 3 Networks, ie., Smart, Globe & Sun), plus 3 Cellphones and maintain 3 Load Wallets.

- NO SALES QUOTA: If you are a Dealer of Smart, you need to maintain a monthly quota sales of Php 600K a month, while for Globe, Php 1M per month.

- Web Tools and Web Reports: In the traditional Loading Business, for you to have an inventory, you need to write down everything in a NOTEBOOK all your sales for the day, but with VMobile LoadXtreme, all transactions are automatically recorded by the Vmobile System to your Online Account (Online Business Center).

- Online Loading (for Local and International Operation): You are in Starbucks, you have your Laptop, some friends texted you and wants to buy a load, you can send his/her load via Internet. Because of its Online Loading feature, you can sell loads to OFWs with Philippine SIM Card to call their families here.

- SMS-Triggered Bank Auto-Debit for Convenient e-Wallet Replenishment: No need to go the bank or office to replenish your Loadwallet. Very convenient.

- Instantly Register Other Retailers via SMS: In the Traditional Loading Business, you cannot refer another retailer, it will just become your competitor besides that you will not receive any referral fee.

- World’s First Over-The-Air (OTA) Realoding of RFID Card (AXS Card) for MRT Electronic Stored-Value Card: The Owner of VMobile Technologies Inc., PentaCapital Management Corporation, knowns as the leading independent investment house in the Philippines is the one who funded the construction of MRT Projects, thus wining the bid to be the exclusive reloader of AXS Card.

- Exclusive E-Load Supplier for the Prepaid KURYENTE (Meralco):
VMobile has a key account with Smart Communications, Inc., who was given the exclusive rights by Meralco to handle the distribution of Load Credits for their Electric Prepaid Subscriber which will soon be implemented. And of course, Smart have partner with VMobile in utilizing our technology on prepaid distribution.


1. First, choose between 10 Set of Cards or 20 Set of Cards that you want to sell.
2. You Sell 5-10 Retailer Cards a Day, I Will Pay You Php 300 a Day. Below 5 Cards, you will only get Php 30 per card.
3. You Sell 15-20 Retailer Cards a Day, I Will Pay You Php 600 a Day. Below 15 Cards, you will only get, Php 30 per card.
4. Free Trainings Will Be Given So You Can Also Teach Your Clients on the Basics of Loading and Reloading, Using SMS or Internet on Selling Loads.

Sample Income Projection:

10 Retailer Cards (@ Php300 per day) x 30 days = Php 9,000 (Extra Monthly Income for Part Time)
20 Retailer Cards (@ Php300 per day) x 30 days = Php 18,000 (Extra Monthly Income for Part Time)

If you personnaly know people, who do not have access with the internet (Sulit), i.e. Naglalako ng DVD's, Food Warmers, Kutson, etc. please be kind to refer them this job opportunity. You can just give them my contact details. I think I can offer them a better opportunity than what they presently have or just add this to their other part time jobs. Thank you in advance!!!

For Interested Applicants, You May Contact:

Arkin Sebastian Castro II
LoadXtreme Franchiser
VMobile Technologies, Inc.
Mobile: 0926-6402229
Landline: 8285164

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