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Monday, March 15, 2010

VMobile LoadXtreme Revolutionizes Electronic Loading Business in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines -- LoadXtreme is the pioneer in innovative prepaid products distribution and marketing. This program utilizes the propietary technology established in June 2003 known as Universal Prepaid Loading System or UPLoadS. This proven platform offers 24x7 access to multi-brand prepaid products and services nationwide and fulfill orders for prepaid top-up.

LoadXtreme also revolutionizes electronic Over-The-Air (OTA) reloading for prepaid wireless services by providing a unified fully-automated electronic load value dispensing facility for Smart Buddy e-Load, Globe AutoloadMax and SUN XpressLoad. With LoadXtreme, you can retails all brands of electronic top-up loads using any mobile phone without the need to use different retailer SIMs!

LoadXtreme was acquired and operated by VMobile Technologies, Inc. (VMOBILE) since April 2008. VMobile is the e-commerce arm of PENTA Capital Management Corporation.

Under PENTA Captital's guidance, VMobile is poised to fulfill its vision: To provide business opportunity to people by employing technology as the means of empowerment.

LoadXtreme is also proud to introduce AXS Card as the first and latest innovation in its growing list of products. AXS Card is a stored-value card offering fast ang convenient fare payment and access to MetroStar Rail Transit (MRT) and PASIG FERRY rides. AXS Card is reloadable thru LoadXtreme Dealers and Retailers.

"Availing the Loading Business Dealership from LoadXtreme is very ideal for the existing Retailers who uses the traditional loading that uses 3 different Retailer SIMs, 3 Cellphone but with limited of products to sell, not unlike with LoadXtreme, you just need 1 SIM, the one your currently using, 1 Cellphone and that's it," says the VMobile Marketing Manager in an interview.

"Our main purpose kasi is to unify the Eloading Transaction, plus offering additional and unlimited income opportunities, by giving an access to all kinds of prepaid products," she added.

LoadXtreme also encourages the millions of OFWs out there to try on investing on this kind of business that their families here in the Philippines can run. Even themselves in the other countries can do the business by selling Franchise/Dealership to other Filipinos abroad that is interested to put up Loading Business.

It is being said that to be born a poor is not your choice, but to die a poor is a sin, because there are ways to combat poverty. There are lots of opportunities out there like LoadXtreme if we just open are eyes and grab it at immediately once it knocks on our doors.

Now is your chance to be a LoadXtreme Dealer or Retailer in your area and establish a stable foothold in the constantly growing market for prepaid and stored-value products.

VMobile LoadXtreme is the future Pre-paid Reloading!

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